A Prayer for My Future

I have to begin with thanks and gratitude.  My life could be so much worse.  I recognize that I am blessed to have everything I need, much of what I want, and people who love me in my life.  It didn’t have to be this way.  The intercession of my Mother, my Grandmothers and my ancestors have contributed to these blessings.

On striving to become greater:

I pray for my own strength.  I have to be strong, it’s what Mommy wanted, and she knew how critical the trait would be in my life.  I pray for the discipline to be consistent in my daily practice, without regard for what I see as “progress.”  I pray for encouragement to carry on.  I pray for focus in the midst of distractions that disperse my energy away from my own life and responsibilities that pull me away from my dreams.  I pray for a friend, which I didn’t think I needed before, but I realize I need now.  I pray for awareness, to see the tools and abilities that You have already placed in me.



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