Eating with Purpose

Not just shoveling anything in my mouth that’s in front of me.  My criteria for eating is no longer “looks good, smells good.”  I’m pretty proud of myself for the last couple of days.  It’s pretty late and I will probably have to update in greater detail later, but generally speaking, I’ve done well.  Broke my fast with a small piece of watermelon and a glass of lemon water.  Continued to drink water throughout the morning and later ate a bag of red seedless grapes, and made a glass of green juice (kale, cilantro, ginger, carrot, celery).  That was Saturday.  Today, I ate a piece of an orange, more lemon water, an apple, more grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe and this evening, I ate two Bubba Burger Veggie burgers. (I know).  I felt the impact of the sodium, not severely, but it was there.  Today I craved Ciao slices!  I really really wanted some.  Maybe I’ll get some tomorrow, I don’t know.   I want to be a raw foodist….I’m struggling mentally a bit on the vegan vs raw.  I know beyond a doubt which one is best for the human organism.  Just need to learn to let go of it all.

The greatest realization I had today was (besides staying out of the mirror) was to keep my head in “today,” not yesterday (guilt) or tomorrow (anxiety).  Several times this afternoon I had to stop myself from thinking about what my weight might be in two weeks or next month or by January.  Just stay with today.Melon and grapes 2.jpg

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