First post after a month of avoidance


….and you might know the reason why.  I’ve slid back to my old ways.  Once again, I sit here and try to understand the psychology of this struggle.  Why do I even make it one?  Why do I go back to one pain to avoid another?

There’s so much I want to do.  Some of my goals might be considered radical to the people who know me now.  But I know that if I ever hope to reach any of them, I have to get over this hurdle of mindless eating.  People talk to me about their health issues and the problems that other people are having.  Not for advice though.  I know what to tell them. I know so much.  But mostly I don’t say anything because I imagine how strange it sounds, coming from someone who looks like me.

Breathe out the anxiety.

Return to center.

Renew the mind with the words and images that represent the true you.

I am a singer-songwriter

I am a runner

I am a cyclist

I am a yogini

I am free



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