7 months…


Today is December 8th, 2016. My 46th Birthday is exactly 7 months away. I’m officially committing to daily posts from here on out, and just sharing my truth, even if I feel like I ‘messed up’ that day. It’s time. It’s been time for so long. So many starts, stops, starts and stops…what makes this time any different remains a mystery. Commitment, I guess. As much as I want people and things to commit to me, I’ve got to learn to commit to myself and my promises.  I have abandoned so many aspects of myself. But I remember who I was, and I still want what I wanted then. Keep braiding the daily practices together. Have faith in what you’re doing. Focus on the process instead of the outcome. Enjoy the journey. Love yourself 100%. Put your thoughts into action. Share your vision with the world. 

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