Entering the Gate

Today is March 15th and I begin again.

I’m hearing about people dying of preventable illnesses.  Heart disease.  My own heart has been speaking to me.  Crying out for years.  I know what I need to do.  I guess I always feel like I’ll have one more chance to make the right food choices.  The old, “Start Tomorrow” syndrome.  Up to now, whenever I’ve been faced with a tempting food option that I knew would not help me, for the most part, I caved and ate it.  The result is all the physical issues that I have now:  questionable heart condition, low stamina, leg vein problems, overweight… the list goes on and on.

I see myself reversing all of this.  I see myself glowing.  Being remarkably healthy.  I mean really noticeable.  I see myself helping other people, inspiring them.

I have been considering my life experience from a spiritual perspective.  I am spirit, housed in this body temple that is my gift.  I know the subtle voice that calls me to step forward.  All this time, I’ve been lingering at the gateway of my path.  I must begin now.  We don’t have to see the entire path, we just have to take that step, and God shows us the next.  Faith.  Trust.  Allow God to show you what wonders are in store.

I enter the gate with extreme faith.

I enter the gate weighing 275lbs.

I enter the gate with all my God-given tools:  Fruit.  Herbs.  Meditation.  Water.  Movement.  Oxygen.  Instruments.  Microphones.  Cameras.  Internet.   Ideas.  Intuition.  Love.

I reject what no longer serves my highest good.

I set my personal goals to my highest priority.

I expect and prepare for the (daily) times that suck.

I express myself in authenticity.  I show up as myself.  In so doing, I serve others by radiating in my highest vibration.

I am so tremendously excited about what is to come.  I believe that this is part of my life purpose.  And to be able to share my experience and inspire someone?  More joy than I can comprehend.

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