Three Crucial Tools ~ Seventh Day Progress Report

So I’m pretty happy right now.  I am learning so much about myself and what I need to do to be successful.  It’s said that the beginning is the hardest.  I imagine that the momentum that comes with time will bring a certain ease and flow.  In my week of beginnings, these actions have been critical thus far:


Faith.  Trusting the process when I don’t see results yet.  This also involves staying out of the mirror.  What am I looking for??  There’s nothing new to see yet.  But knowing that what I’m doing is so massively different from what I used to do, that change is happening, change is inevitable, and change will be seen.  Have faith in the lifestyle.  Trust the body.

Breath.  The subtle energies within us are in constant flux, and I am allowing myself to sense when I’m the slightest bit off balance.  It’s amazing how simple yet powerful it is to simply breathe, and re-align.  I work in an environment where there are a gazillion varying and often conflicting energies approaching me and affecting me.  On this day 6, I am breathing a lot!  My body is getting oxygenated, of that I’m certain.  So glad that I have a fast and effective way to restore equilibrium throughout the day as needed.  The desire to eat has often come from being off balance energetically.  Stepping outside of that neutrality, that internal calm, is what has always driven me to distract myself with food. No more.  Now I have my breath.

Mind renewal.  The mind is a MONSTER, or haven’t I told you?  Thoughts come in from out of nowhere.  Self-defeating ones.  Discouragement.  I have been collecting my positive messages from the universe in a journal, sort of a personal book of “revelations.”  Whenever I have a realization on a higher vibration I write it down.  But I would rarely ever go back and re-read.  I remember in one of his videos Ralph Smart said, “What you have to say is just as important as what they’re saying on the mainstream news.”  I would venture to say that in this case, the importance is paramount.  Here’s one of my entries:

“Old habits are hard to break.  One habit is that people, myself included, are using food for joy.  We have to figure out what in life brings us deep fulfillment, and give ourselves permission to do that thing with religious fervor.  When I am in alignment with my true self, I can make better choices for myself.”  ~Angie Phipps

Ok, so I know I wasn’t supposed to do it.  But I peeked at my weight a day early.  Tomorrow’s goal is 268, for my Weigh-In Wednesdays.  The scale said…….266.


I’m so happy.  I’m proud.  Actually, I’m also a bit surprised.  The past two days, I’ve had salads, and salads for me are a temptation to add salty, fatty things.   So I bought fat-free dressing, knowing that I can make my own in my vitamix.  And I bought croutons.  Not raw, yes, I know.  So with all the sodium and the fat content in the croutons, I thought I would have some issues with my scale numbers.  Not so.  And I think it was because of the water.  It’s almost 3:00 and I’m almost finished with my third quart.  I can’t wait to see  (and will report) how it helps me in other ways.

On my way home now, into the crucible.  It’s the time when I have always had my strongest temptations.   But at least now I’m carrying my mind-renewing words, my faith, and my breath.

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