Experimenting with the Lifestyle

Last Saturday evening, I decided to try a recipe that I came across online, called “Un-Chick’n Salad.”  It was made with chick peas, celery, walnuts, apple, grapes (I used raisins), green onion, and lots of savory herbs.  Delicious!  The “mayo” consisted of cashews, lemon juice and a little sea salt. You can watch the video for the recipe here.

(Capers, optional)  I even added chopped avocado to my plate.  So the idea/experiment was to make this meal, share it with my family (they liked it!) and once a week, on the weekend, do this kind of thing with a new recipe.  I wanted to see what effect, if any, it would have on my total weight loss for the week.  The fat content in this meal was high, I admit.  Definitely not a go-to food for losing weight.  But once a week, it might be something I could look forward to, and might not impede my progress at all.  This might have worked.

The problem was, I forgot how food addicted I actually am.  At some point while I was eating, a switch flipped in my brain that said, “you can have as much of this as you want!”

Really? Not so.  So I ate till I was absolutely stuffed, I ate the leftovers the next day, and kept munching, on healthy things, just way way way (way) too much of them (pistachio nuts, a young coconut, the leftover walnuts, cashews and raisins from the recipe, salad with more avocado).  It’s like I forgot what I learned just the other day.  The lesson?  Without mind renewal, you might forget what you need to do.  And as a result, getting on the scale this morning, where my goal was 259, my actual weight read: 263.  😞

Remember who you are, remember what you learned.


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