Musical Muses…Day 14

I’ve been struggling a bit lately.  Seems like I went through a period last week where everything clicked.  I didn’t crave anything.  If I felt the slightest twinge of desire to look for something to put in my mouth, I would just breathe, and it would be like an instant reset.  The breath still works in that way, but what I’m grappling with now is a tiny bit of “I messed up” discouragement, mixed with a little impatience.  I know this is going to work, as long as I work it, and sometimes the complex mix of emotions makes it tougher than you plan.

So music.  What about it?  How does it connect?

I’ve always had the desire to create music, since I was very small.  I’ve written a couple of songs, and I currently work in a music-related field, but haven’t done anywhere near what I’ve always envisioned myself doing in terms of writing and recording.

Earlier I was thinking about my efforts to conquer the “weight loss beast,” and thought that it would be nice to have someone speaking to me sometimes, in some kind of way.  Someone who knows what I’m experiencing, because they’ve been there.  Someone who knows the struggle, the constant vigilance that’s necessary.  Then I realized that I could write songs for myself.  For my mind renewal.  And I could listen to them when I need to.  Because the pride in me wants to do this all by myself.  And I want to be able to show people that it’s possible.

The beginning is the hardest.  Maybe one or two of my songs could be the thing that helps someone.

Angie Phipps:   Motivational Singer/Songwriter.  😊

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