The Wonders of (Only) Eating Fruits and Vegetables

“The miracle of the Raw Food Diet is not what you’re eating, it’s what you’re not eating.” ~Tim VanOrden.

To get out of the body’s way, and let it do what it does.  It always works towards health. Unfortunately, humans have bought into a system that says it’s not only ok, but beneficial to eat other things like animal products and processed “foods.”  When this happens, the body is forced to accept and do something with a product it doesn’t recognize.  Day in and day out, we take in what we don’t need, overloading our system with metabolic waste and toxic residues leftover from digesting fast food, junk food, animal flesh and secretions, and processed starches.  The result, initially is that the cells are forced to exist in an acidic environment, made so by this waste that is building up faster than it can be removed.  The acids cause inflammation in various areas of the body.  Left in this condition, what later develops is the chronic disease experienced by many around the world who consume a Standard American Diet.  The food industry is a for-profit concern.  Getting masses of people to “crave” a food product ensures millions of dollars in ongoing income.  We as a society are being manipulated with food additives, then passed on to the pharmaceutical industry to support their interests in the form of medications that we now must continue to take for the foreseeable future.

There is a way off the hamster wheel.  Go back to nature.  Give the body what it needs. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and phytonutrients in abundance.  smoothie and fruit 2

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the most beneficial foods for the human organism.  Foods designed by God, in a bountiful variety of tastes, textures and colors.  Challenges come when we try to transition from a Standard American diet to Raw Living Foods diet.  The body begins to detoxify, removing harmful chemicals and metabolic wastes out of the cells through the lymphatic system.  This can bring on a variety of symptoms, both physical  (cold symptoms, body aches) and mental (emotional upheaval stemming from comfort food withdrawl).  But the brief uphill battle of initial change cannot be compared to the high vitality in store for those who choose the path of super clean eating. is a resource you can use to check the nutrient profile of a vast array of foods.  Just enter the food name and select the quantity.  Do some comparisons and you will begin to see that everything the body needs can be sourced from plants.
Eliminate everything that is blocking your body’s effort to restore your radiance.

What will you allow yourself to become?

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