The Hardest Part Just Might Be Over!

I’m celebrating in my heart right now!  Today is “Weigh-In Wednesday,” and you know what that means. Time to reflect on the choices I’ve made this week.  Today’s weight is…. (drumroll)…..255.  My goal was actually 258.  I drank my water. I ate a little fruit in the morning and a little fruit or salad in the early evening and that was it.  No nuts.  And the weight is coming off.  Not only that, but I’m moving better, faster, and my clothes feel less tight.  Subtle things that only I notice at this point, but I’m the one who has to live in my body every second of every day.  What I notice is the most important thing.

Someone reading this blog post might think, “Is that all?  What was so difficult about that?”  If that was your thought after reading the above, then one of two things is true:  Either you have never tried to lose weight, or you have and never faced any of the mental challenges that go along with it.  And that’s fine, because for some, radically changing the diet is easy.  Plain and simple.  Nothing to go on and on about.

Either way, this blog probably isn’t for you.

This is for people, like me, who have struggled all their lives, yo-yo-ing up and down the scale.  It’s for people who sometimes get cravings for certain foods and it literally feels like monsters screaming inside their heads if they resist.  It’s for people who are tired of carrying around extra weight that’s been covering up who they really are.  If you’re that person, welcome!  Pull up a chair!  Get comfy.  Stay a while.  We’re gonna be amazing.

I feel like the hardest part is over.  I know that I’m going to feel cravings and temptations, but I don’t believe it will ever be worse than it’s already been.  AND, now I have the momentum going from the good habits that I’ve been doing, PLUS, now I’m actually starting to enjoy the results.  This is where it’s going to start to get interesting.  I really feel like this is where the snowball is going to start to grow as it rolls down the hill.  The key is to calmly and quietly continue doing EXACTLY what I’ve been doing.  No deviation. Keep believing in the process.  Keep breathing through the tough moments.  Keep renewing my mind by reading my goals and writing about them.

And keep doing the things that I truly love to do, because there’s so much more to life than food.

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