Home-going Prayer for the Recovering Food-Addict

I wrote this prayer the other day, and I’ve been saying it upon arriving home, before I go in my door, and in the midst of a trial, when needed.  This falls under mind renewal, but also accesses a greater power that has helped me tremendously, especially yesterday, when I had to do some food preparation for my family.   I went from the subtle anxiety of a food craving, to desire-less contentment and peace.  Here is the prayer:

“Dear God,  the desires are pulling at me again, like they always do.  Let me connect to the strength that can only come from You.  I know that the mind deceives, but the heart only points to truth.  I will keep my eyes fixed on the One in whom all things are possible.  Guide me back to the memory of who I really am:  a fragment of Your divine consciousness, and let my existence be a light that helps others find their way home.”  

Identify when your most difficult times are.  Mine was the time I got home from work, because I would always go directly to the fridge and stuff my face with anything and everything there.  Yours might be in the morning, or maybe at midnight.  Change the title, say this prayer or make one of your own, and let it strengthen you.

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