Ready, Set…Move

Yep!  It’s time.  I’ve been eating better, feeling much better, and I know that part of my prescription for health has to include some kind of physical exercise.  Today was such a gorgeous day, just a few passing clouds, 80+ degrees, so on the way to pick up the groceries, instead of driving past the pretty little path in my neighborhood (like I always do), I decided to stop….


…and get out of the car.   There were a few families out enjoying the day, a runner, an older gentleman resting on a bench from his bike ride over, feeding the birds.  And I decided to take a walk.


I’m really happy I got out there today.  Just to see what it would feel like, no predetermined goals, just to do a comfortable once-around.  I have to say, it felt great.




The circle is a little over half a mile, .6 to be exact.  I’m thinking it might be a good place to start a walking routine and gradually move into running.



This walk told me some things (that I already knew) about my present fitness level.  It’s basically non existent.  At about the half-way point, I looked across the lake and for a second, thought about how far away my car was, and that I was going to have to go a bit to get back to it.  At least when I progress I’ll have something to look back on and chuckle about.


I didn’t check my steps or form or speed, stopped several times to take pictures and just took my time.  But the next time I visit the lake path (which needs to be tomorrow), I will clock myself and see how long it takes me to walk 3 miles (5 times around).


So when I got to the end of my lap and saw the .6 mark, I went back to the car and rode on to the store, feeling quite proud I must say.  Because the hardest part of anything is the beginning.  Breaking the ice.  Moving from thinking to action.  That’s what I did today.  I’ve thought about this spot for so long, thinking of how perfect a place it would be to begin.  Ok so I’ve begun.  Now I have to build the momentum.  That can certainly be hard too, but I’m still looking forward to my fitness journey.  The doing and the sharing.   I expect this branch of my pursuit of radiant wellness to lead to great things.  Thanks for letting me share my story with you. IMG_1135





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