Alternate post title: “How I Avoid Stress Eating, Part 2”

The work I do every day takes me terribly far out of alignment with who I am at my core frequency. So much so, that, up until recently, I would come home and eat anything I could get a hold of, in anxiety and frustration. I never realized I had anxiety issues. It took me an eternity to figure that out. Mostly by observing myself and analyzing my own habits. I would ask myself why I was eating the cheetos. I wasn’t hungry. What was I feeling? Turns out it was, to a great extent, anxiety.

I also felt a great deal of frustration, self-created I have to say, over the idea of having to bring work home, because that meant that my time wasn’t really mine. I had to come to a few new realizations.

1. Time doesn’t exist. There is only now.

2. Become aware of what I am doing with my time, my now. Am I maximizing its use? Or am I squandering it away with escapist activities (aka television)

3. Taking the example of nature: it is not hurried, yet everything is accomplished. Realize that I have time for everything I need to do.

4. The first and most important thing I need to take care of is myself. In so doing, I will have the stamina to address the needs of everything else.

I am still working with these realizations. Sometimes the old frustrations creep back in, sometimes the anxiety. But I’m working on developing a few tools to help me restore balance within myself, so that I can create the work I was actually born to create. That’s what this post is about. Rituals.

In deciding what to add to my practice for “vibration calibration,” I am looking for things that speak to me energetically, assist me in entering a meditative state, that bring on the alpha brain waves for intuition and creation. Things that appeal to the senses. Sound healing, aromatherapy, water, and meditation.
I want to be able to move out of the mind entirely, and into body awareness. To clear the stagnant energies that have clung to me from the affairs of the day. To reset.

So far, I expect my ritual will include the following:

Water in some form, most likely a shower.
Essential oils.
Singing bowl and/or flute music for sound therapy.

Stay tuned for photos and updates.

What are your rituals? How do you stay balanced?


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