10 Things to Keep in Mind on Your Personal Transformation Journey

Are you like me, in that you dreamed about what you wanted in life for a long, long (long) time before you actually began working towards it?  I know.

A couple of years ago I started a running log of thoughts, concepts, words of wisdom that I would jot down in a note on my phone.  I titled the note, “My Discipline is Supernatural.”  Of course, at the time it wasn’t.  Not even close.  But somehow I knew.  I knew what I was capable of.  I was able to see who I could be.  I bet you can see that someone within yourself as well.

So sometimes I look back through and re-read some of the past revelations from above that came through me, and landed in what is now a priceless, not so little note on my phone.  Today I want to share with you a few of the pearls.  Hope they help.

  1. We pay for the life we want with days.  The great part is, you only have to pay a certain number.  Then come the real rewards.  Build the momentum and enter the realm of your deepest desires.
  2.   I am an amoeba, compared to where I want to be.  I am an acorn.  But the acorn becomes the great oak.  Fiercely protect, wholly love and cherish the acorn.
  3. Tell yourself, and know, that people are depending on you.  You can’t see them yet.  But realize that many people will be impacted by the magnitude of your success, and inspired by it.  You MUST do this.
  4. Stop watching other people.  Stop even thinking about what others might be doing.  Keep the mind focused.  Steer your thoughts.  The mind is just a tool, not the guide.  Heart is the guide.  The way to hear the voice of your heart is to go inward.
  5. Giving up this one aspect of your life (in my case, food as entertainment) will create an opening for all the other aspects waiting for you.
  6. Everything is available all the time.  Open your toolbox.  Use the tools at your disposal.  They are all the places and things that raise your frequency, that give you power.  Make time for them. (Detox baths, time in nature, crystals, sound therapy, energy healing, herbs, beauty, art, music, laughter) these are all things God gave us to help ourselves.
  7. Do something now that stretches you a little bit.  Then keep doing it until it becomes easy.  That’s when you build, by taking that thing up a notch.  (fitness goals)
  8. Courage.  It is essential to your beginning and your continuing.  Having courage means to act in spite of any so-called “fear” that you may feel.  We feel a feeling and we label it fear and assign a negative value.  But fear is just energy.  Use this energy to fuel you into action.  As you move closer to what you fear, fear decreases.
  9. As you begin your journey, a period of time will pass where you will see no positive results.  Simply rest in your authenticity, knowing that, at last your words, thoughts and actions are in alignment.  This is an important bridge every transformer must cross.  Cross it proudly and confidently, and remain in your heart space.  The mind is the chatterbox that has been tricking you backwards all this time. Breathe and remain focused on your heart.
  10. When the pain of staying in your present situation becomes greater than the pain of everything you have to do to move forward, then you’ll move forward.  Remember that the pain of progress is temporary, but the pain of stagnation is lasting.


Do you have a quote, mantra or guiding thought that is helping to carry you forward?  Please share in the comments or send me a message.  Blessings always!

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