How to Get Back on the Wagon When You Fall Off

Falling off the wagon.  Losing focus.  Overindulgence.  The act of saying, “I can get away with that,” one time too many.  It happened to me.  And I found a way back.

Returning to old habit patterns can happen for different reasons.  A stressful event, family or friends coming to visit, travel, a major schedule change or break in your routine…pretty much anything that has the potential to disrupt your focus and impact your mental/emotional state at the same time.  Our operations revert to subconscious programming- the pre-recorded tape player of the mind.  Press stop.

1. Remind yourself that you are powerful.  The strength you had before, to accomplish what you did in the past, is still there.  Access it again.


 2. Understand that you will initially have to pull yourself out of what may feel like a puddle of quicksand.  You will have to make a clean break from the kinds of foods you’ve been eating.  This will be difficult.  For a moment.  Go on and do it.  Yes I know it hurts.


3.  Activate your conscious mind.  Re-read your goals.  Review your plans and envision yourself already in the healthy, slim state you desire.  Focus on the feeling of it.  Stay in that feeling.  Bathe yourself (ahead of time) in the joy that those thoughts bring to you. Remember, your fun experiences and your joy will not only come to you at the finish line, but all along the path of your journey!


4.  Shift focus.  Pull out an article of clothing the next size down and visualize yourself wearing it in the next few days.  This is your reality.


5.  Detoxify.  This does not have to be complex.  The body is the miracle, and it does the work.  Our job is to just get out of the way, and let it do what it was designed to do.  Go to the store and buy a week’s worth of your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables.  For the next week, eat only fresh, water rich fruits and vegetables with no added ingredients.  This can be in whole form, smoothie form, or juiced.  Let your intuition be your guide.  And most importantly,  be sure to drink large amounts of water.  Four quarts per day is awesome!


6.  Get busy!  Chances are you also lost focus on some of your other projects.  Rediscover the joy you found in doing what you love to do.


7.  Weigh yourself at the end of the week and congratulate yourself on getting back on the wagon!  Celebrate every single positive thing you experience, no matter how small. Take pictures and share.  Talk about how much better you feel.   Inspire someone else who may be struggling.


  8.  Repeat #3-7!



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