Angie Phipps

This is a document of my evolution.  The process of bringing dreams to reality.   Restoration and revival.  A testament of faith that I really CAN be healthy, happy and free.  It is also a journey shared with those who have been living with this same vision for themselves that won’t let go, no matter how many times you failed.

Because I’ve failed too.  Too many times to count.  And I know what it feels like to be disappointed in myself, and see that same disappointment in the eyes of the people you love.  They love you, but they also want you to be happy.  I love you, too, and I still want you to be happy!  I love ME, and I also want ME to be happy!

That happiness is the Way to the life we really want.  The feeling that sets wheels in motion on the road to more excitement, joy and dream manifestation.

This blog is my hope.   Because I’ve always tried to do everything secretly and on my own, and I always slide back to my old ways.  But here and now, as I share all the parts of my journey, in authenticity and truth, my hope is that someone else will walk the path.  My hope is that I will inspire you.  And the responsibility of knowing you’re there will keep me going in the tough times.

And the best of it is, when I get to the top of the mountain, I will not be alone. You and I will arrive there together.  Changing ourselves and changing the world.