“Ask yourself what you want, and have the courage to build your life around your answer.”

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Angie Phipps

This is a document of my evolution.  The process of bringing dreams to reality.  Turning old into new.  Restoration and revival.  A testament of faith that I really CAN be healthy, happy and free.  And when I get to the top of the mountain, I plan on reaching down and pulling up the ones who wouldn’t mind feeling that way too.

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This is my journey to personal freedom.  How I wriggled my way out of society’s chains, that I applied to my own wrists many years ago.  Live and learn.  I hope that the essence of who I am is reflected in these pages and maybe even inspires someone to embark (or continue) on their own path to who they were meant to be.

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The mind is a beast.  It allows us to do great things, but it’s not your friend.  It was created for our survival.  It adapts.  To pain and chaos.  The change I’m trying to make in myself is 80% psychological.  I want to override the circuitry in my brain and become the healthiest person that I can possibly become.  That is my dream.  To radiate the light of health. Because I believe that, not only is it a beautiful idea on its own, but vitality is the key that unlocks all the doors to everything else I want to do.

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Music.  You’ve been a part of my life since before I knew me.  Nothing else makes me feel the way you do.  You are part of my identity.  I’m sorry I’ve avoided you for so long. Mostly due to fear and disappointment in myself.  Let’s write a new song.  Let’s go back to square one, if we must.  Our relationship will deepen through this process, and I pray that, as we grow, others benefit from our time together, also.

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My Definition:  The ability to make one’s own choices in life.  To take actions that are in alignment with one’s true life purpose.  To do what serves the soul.

“Freedom is for the brave,” said Ralph Smart, someone who I admire greatly, and find myself quoting often, because I listen to his words on a daily basis.   In doing so I’ve realized what it is I truly want in life:  to be free.  To mold and shape my time as I choose.  To play my music and share it with others.  To travel places I’ve never been before.  To grow fruit trees and live off them and share the abundance.  To explore the world in an rv. Or on a bike.  That’s it.  This is where I’m heading.