Small Beginnings

Once you start walking on the path, you realize just how long the journey is, and just how far you really have to go.

Don’t worry.

Zechariah 4:10.  “Do not despise the day of small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”

Guess what:  The time will go by whether you move forward or not.  One day, a year will have gone by. Just like so many years have gone before.  The idea of being in this place at this time next year makes me sick to my stomach.  Don’t stay here.  Go onward.  Experience what a gift this life truly is.

Don’t. Stay. Here.


Think about how long you’ve sat at this red light, not moving on, just thinking about your destination, and all the things you’ll see and experience along the way.  Think of the foods you don’t want in your diet as red lights.  They stop you on your journey.  Before you eat that (fill in the blank), say to yourself, “Don’t stay here.”  I looked at a photo of myself from March, 2015 (a little over two years ago), and I was the same weight I am now.  Just hovering around the starting line.  Loitering at the gates.

But not anymore.  There’s too much riding on my success.  Too much at stake.  Too much to gain by doing it and too much to lose by not.  So on I go.

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